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The Venice Film Week accept all forms and genres. All non-English language films must be subtitled in English. Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the festival. Submissions WILL NOT be returned. We also accept submissions that have premiered elsewhere and that may have distribution agreements already in place. However, TV, theatrical, online video, other festival, or other distribution outlets that run concurrently or in the same month of the festival may not be eligible for screening. Rough cuts and incomplete projects are not accepted. Multiple entries are allowed, however a separate entry form must be submitted for each. The festival has the capability to screen BluRay and DVD.

Screenings are scheduled during the Festival at the discretion of the Venice Film Week. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, Venice Film Week reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason. Venice Film Week will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling. No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection. If chosen as an official selection, Venice Film Festival is granted the permission to exhibit the film at the 2016 Venice Film Week and all associated screenings. Location and timing of any screenings of the film shall be the sole decision of the organizers of the Venice Film Week. Filmmakers will be solely responsible for all costs resulting from the submission of the film to the Festival including but not limited to postage or insurance of the film, and expenses of your staff or any representatives of the film. Producer will indemnify the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

Although every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage to materials while in the possession of the festival, The Venice Film Week is not responsible should any materials be damaged while in transit to or from, or while in the possession of the festival.

The filmmaker holds the Venice Film Week, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. The filmmaker certifies to have full rights. Producer will indemnify the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

2018 Official Selection
Screening schedule

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

Monday, August 27 at 20h
Tuesday, August 28 at 20h
Wednesday, August 29 at 20h
Thursday, August 30 at 20h
Friday, August 31 at 20h

MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2018 - 20H

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

Franca (Italy) by Antonella Barbera, Patrizia Fazzi

The darkness and silence of an abuse relive in the rooms of a woman's mind.
Duration: 00:03:00

The story of Arianna (Italy) by Alessandra Mimini

Arianna is a 15 years old teenager trapped in a body that she does not fully know, however she is starting to understand it through a relation born on a web chat with a much more mature man. Beside being unconsciously manipulated, Arianna discovers her sexuality and her self-eroticism through this way of interaction, bringing her to discover the world and leading her to a strong conflict both internal and with her mother. The narration lingers on her personal growth, related to her mother's love, who is sometime very hard but always present to her.
Duration: 00:18:52

Elisa (Germany) by Kristina Kean Shtubert

'Elisa' portrays the claustrophobic and extremely painful relationship between nine year old Elisa and her mother. At night, Elisa scratches herself raw. This drives her mother insane. However rather than to see this as a sign that something is wrong, she demands Elisa stop. Does the mother's anger provoke further scratching, or is it the other way around? The little family begins to break apart and Elisa's mother clumsily attempts to keep their life in order, but it has gotten out of control. An undefinable force is splitting them apart.
Duration: 00:15:53

Mum, I'm back (Greece) by Dimitris Katsimiris

A woman returns, after 40 years, to the village where she was born. The cause is the death of her mother. She keeps an old photograph in her hands: a mother with her two sons. Arriving at the cemetery, she encounters the faces of all those she left behind.
Duration: 00:04:40

The Limits of My World (United States) by Heather Cassano

The Limits of My World follows a nonverbal young man’s transition from the school system into adulthood. Brian has autism and faces the daily challenges of adjusting to his new life. Filmed from the intimate perspective of his older sister Heather, this documentary seeks to understand Brian’s personality beneath his disability. The Limits of My World is an autistic coming of age story, exploring what it means to be a nonverbal disabled person in a neurotypical society.
Duration: 01:10:05

TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2018 - 20H

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

The Boudoir (Canada) by David Latreille

A two-minute short film about a young woman experiencing music through a psychotic phase.
Duration: 00:02:22

Sculpt the Motion (Italy) by Devis Venturelli

Sculpt the motion shows continuous transformations of metallic bodies through different urban plans. Contemporary architecture is a scenario for a performance, an experience as a sculptural promenade in a continuous flux. Silver strata of insulating material in action through the body change in mobile sculptures evoke Boccioni's Futurist dynamism.
Duration: 00:06:08

Save (Spain) by ván Sáinz-Pardo

Dawns. A baby breaks the silence.
Duration: 00:03:54

Summer's End (Italy) by Paolo Strippoli

Cacio, a young father, and his eleven year-old son, Matteo, are spending the hot summer in the suburbs of Rome. To provide himself and his son a better future, Cacio invests all his savings to realize his dream: opening a mechanic's workshop. One morning Cacio brings his son to the worksite. What happens that day is going to change their lives forever.
Duration: 00:19:38

Vacuum (United Kingdom) by Gabriel Lim

Using his innate skills in perfumery as a form of escapism, Antoine navigates through scrutiny in an oppressive world controlled by a government that aims to narrow down the human senses.
Duration: 00:03:16

#selfie (Germany) by David M. Lorenz

A couple on holiday in Berlin. Everything is perfect, but then he wants to take a selfie... The ending of a relationship as seen through a mobile phone.
Duration: 00:07:00

Les Homards Immortels (Night Song) (Belgium) by Kate Voet

Over the course of a lengthy night, Alba and Max meet after a brief and crude separation, rediscovering each other while uncovering their motivations and desires against the backdrop of an anonymous, foreign city. They find themselves balancing on the thin line between solitude and establishing a connection. Les Homards Immortels is a film about how our memories are reshaped over time, how they can differ, and how we can desire to revisit a moment in the past to try to change the unchangeable and unsay what’s been said.
Duration: 00:13:13

Backstory (Germany) by Joschka Laukeninks

As a young child our protagonist is left by his mother and has to live with his violent father. He fights his way through adolescence and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and just as everything seems to be finally working out for him, a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. A story about how everything we love, everything we learn, everything we build, everything we fear, will one day be gone.
Duration: 00:08:00

Verde (Italy) by Marco Mazzone

Two girls have to throw a man's corpse into a lake.
Duration: 00:10:00

Land:Dream (United Kingdom) by Antonio Celotto

Finals gasps of freedom for a woman who leaves her house, having to confess to a murder.
Duration: 00:08:19

Ice (Estonia) by Anna Hints

Harri is a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian army embarking on missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is divorced and only sees his 10-year old son on holidays from time to time. Struggling with the guilt of not being there for his estranged son, Harri decides to make up for lost time by going to an adventurous father-son winter trip to an island where he used to go with his father as a boy. Due to the slow queue in the harbor, Harri decides to take the quicker way — a local ice road over the frozen sea. While arguing with his ex-wife on the phone, Harri loses the tracks and an accident occurs. The car falls through the ice into the cold water.
Duration: 00:15:00

The Velvet Underground Played at My High School (United States) by Robert Pietri, Tony Jannelli

This animated documentary is the story of the Velvet Underground's disastrous first public performance. While on stage for merely 20 minutes, The Velvet Underground performed three songs: 'There She Goes', 'Venus in Furs', and 'Heroin'. The Summit High School audience responded with, as a band member recalled in 1983, a 'murmur of surprise that greeted the appearance' that 'increased to a roar of disbelief as the band started to play' which'swelled to a mighty howl of outrage and bewilderment...' Half the audience walked out.
Duration: 00:08:00

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2018 - 20H

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

Son Lux // The Fool You Need (United States) by Jean-Paul Frenay

Duration: 00:04:26

Aamir (United Kingdom) by Vika Evdokimenko

13 year old Aamir is stranded alone in the largest unofficial refugee camp in Europe. When he is befriended by Katlyn, a thinly stretched volunteer, she becomes Aamir's last hope for salvation.
Duration: 00:16:22

Like a Good Kid - Mesle Bache Adam (Iran, Islamic Republic of) by Arian Vazirdaftari

Sara (a 24-year-old girl) is supposed to babysit Matin (a 6-year-old boy) for the day, while his mother is at work. In the morning Matin tells Sara a story of a fight with his mother from the night before, this leads to a series of events through the day which will change Matin and Sara for the rest of their lives.
Duration: 00:20:00

This Son (Italy) by Giacomo Sebastiani

Dorian’s father tries to keep him in town, even when Dorian receives a one-in-life job opportunity.
Duration: 00:15:00

Mon amour, mon ami (Italy) by Adriano Valerio

Daniela and Fouad are two wounded souls. Their meeting has marked the beginning of a healing friendship, or perhaps, of a love story. A white wedding between them seems about to happen, till the ambiguity of Fouad’s feelings starts worrying Daniela. The film begins at this moment.
Duration: 00:15:00

Moonlight Princess (Israel) by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss

Despite her albinism and only 8% sight, it is the 19-years-old Ruths greatest dream to become an actress. But her way is full of small hurdles of everyday life, which we experience with her in an audiovisual voyage.
Duration: 00:13:00

Scandal (Réunion ) by Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx

This animation made of 2500 paintings tells the story of a man who tries to run away from his fate. He is seeking for success, fame, happiness and love... But the city is too strong and he can't win. Sadly, he becomes a powerless witness of his own fall, just like a bee trapped in a spiderweb.
Duration: 00:04:10

Sleep on the tracks (Canada) by Jasmin Mozaffari

Kat, an unemployed single mom struggles to prepare for an impending interview while also having to face the task of managing her restless young daughter Jayden, who has just returned from spending an exciting week with her father.
Duration: 00:12:45

Nicabob (United States) by Daneeta Loretta Jackson, Patrick Jackson

A lonely teenager inadvertently makes a real human connection when he shuts down his Youtube channel after haters attack him.
Duration: 00:14:00

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2018 - 20H

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

Framed (Italy) by Marco Jemolo

Framed is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.
Duration: 00:07:00

Past Imperfect (Belgium) by Nathalie Teirlinck

When Alice’s ex-boyfriend dies in a car accident, she’s unexpectedly confronted with her six-year-old son, whom she had abandoned at birth. His presence not only threatens her routine existence as a luxury escort but also exposes strongly suppressed emotions. Doubt strikes again. Will she be able to be a mother this time?
Duration: 01:50:00

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 2018 - 20H

All screenings will take place at La Casa del Cinema - Videoteca Pasinetti, Salizada San Stae, 1990, Venice. Admission is free of charge.

Breakfast (United Kingdom) by Peter Pahor

An oversized man get aroused transfiguring his breakfast hunger to a sexual excitement for an imaginary beautiful woman representing its most dark thoughts on food.
Duration: 00:00:47

Bad Poetry Tokyo (Japan) by Anshul Chauhan

30 Years old woman. A hostess working at a shady club. An aspiring actress living in Tokyo. Betrayed by her lover. Her dreams crushed, Leaves Tokyo for her hometown in the countryside after five years of no contact with her family. There she reconnects with an old flame but is also forced to confront some unpleasant truths about her past.
Duration: 01:56:03

The selected films will compete for the following awards:

Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Animated Feature Film
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Music Video